Apple Rumored to Launch a Powerful, Low Budget iPhone SE 2

Rumors point to a brand new iPhone SE 2 that may launch as early as March 2020, with a form factor similar to the iPhone 8 and chips matching iPhone 11.

Editor’s Update April 9, 2020

Despite delays, rumors indicate that the iPhone SE 2 could be released as early as April 15, 2020 with deliveries of the device as soon as April 22. Stay tuned for additional updates as soon as the phone is released.

Entering 2020, there is a strong rumor that Apple will release a brand new iPhone SE 2, which we discussed in a previous post. Although the form factor is expected to be much smaller than the current flagships, the iPhone SE 2 is expected to pack a strong internal feature set and come with a less expensive price tag. “Inexpensive” might not be the best word to describe the rumored device, but “powerful” is sounding appropriate. The rumor gains stronger traction as popular case makers start pre-selling accessories for the expected device.

iPhone SE 2 Rumors

iPhone SE was originally announced on March 21, 2016, with pre-orders starting just three days later. The device delivered and in stores on March 31, 2016. About one year later, Apple upgraded the device with larger storage capacities, with the same form factor, still borrowed from the iPhone 5s. It boasted a newer A9 chipset and better cameras as well. iPhone SE was discontinued by Apple on September 12, 2018, but can still be purchased through some third party retailers.

In the wake, a large contingent of Apple fans still seek a smaller form factor than currently offered. Presently, the smallest device Apple sells is the iPhone 6/7/8, with a 4.7″ screen. iPhone SE originally provided a smaller 4″ screen.

Rumors supporting an iPhone SE 2 are gaining traction and the increased rumors line up nicely with the anniversary of the original March 2016 date iPhone SE launch. Pictured at top, popular case maker Totallee is so convinced of the form factor and launch date, you can already pre-order a case, for delivery on March 25, 2020, aligning with launch rumors.

Current expectations peg the iPhone SE 2 with a slightly larger screen than its predecessor. Allegedly, the device will have a 4.7″ screen and be physically modeled after the iPhone 8 (6/7). Current specs assume an A13 chipset and 3GB RAM, which would rival the latest iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro devices.

A similarity to its original version: Touch ID. Face ID is offered on the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Pro, but to keep costs low, older Touch ID biometric security will continue to be offered. The iPhone SE 2 is also expected to remain a single lens camera, consistent with the iPhone 8 form factor.

Variations may be offered in a different color way, with anticipated colors in silver, space grey, and PRODUCT(RED).

Ultimately, the device is sounding extremely compelling from a hardware perspective, despite lacking multiple cameras or FaceID. The device is anticipated at a starting price of $399, making it the lowest priced iPhone directly offered by Apple. At $399, the iPhone SE 2 would cost slightly more than $16/month before applicable taxes.

Given the similarity aligns with the more recent iPhone 8 than iPhone SE, some expect the device to take the name iPhone 9. Given Apple has already released the iPhone X (“10”), iPhone XS (“10-s”), and iPhone 11, it would be an odd marketing decision to name the device iPhone 9. Nomenclature aside, look for the device to be offered in entry 64GB and 128GB flavors.

If the pricing estimates are true, at $399, wireless charging is in question. If wireless charging is onboard, expect a glass backed device. Alternately, expect to find a fully aluminum chassis.

Nothing is official until Tim Cook makes the announcement – and all signs point toward a March 2020 release.