Apple Glass Rumors Come Into Focus

After many years of sketchy rumors, Apple leaker John Prosser comes to the front with a laundry list of convincing details about the upcoming device.

Over the previous few years, rumbles gained traction in relation to Apple’s investment in augmented or virtual reality. Nothing truly solid came to light until the past week, when Jon Prosser leaked interesting details via his YouTube channel, Front Page Tech, about Apple Glass. Prosser, who only recently hit the Apple leaking scene, made a splash when he recently predicted details and exact launch time of the iPhone SE. The reason he gained traction so quickly, was the release date and time of the iPhone SE was inconsistent with any previous launches. Prosser comes to life again with compelling evidence for Apple Glass.

Apple Glass

Long-time Apple analyst and prolific leaker Ming-Chi Kuo claims Apple glasses are not going to ship until 2022, but Prosser stands strong with his opinion that Apple Glass will launch in 2021. Additionally, Prosser expects for Apple to potentially bring Apple Glass as the “One more thing…” announcement during a fall product launch.

“One more thing…” announcements are reserved for extremely special Apple products, as an honor to Steve Jobs who coined the phrase and media stunt.

Prosser is making such a name for himself in the leaking circle, Apple asked other news media outlets if they are providing him the information. Prosser contends during a tell-all podcast with the CultCast, he has at least 10 internal Apple sources feeding him direct information about upcoming product launches. In one case, Prosser insists he had an internal source overhearing a Tim Cook phone call about details of an upcoming product.

While he has a short list of successes, the detail at which he is providing quickly confirmed information is unprecedented. Consequently, he is quickly becoming the lead source of trusted and current Apple rumors. Most recently, his details about Apple Glass have been unmatched by any other outlet.

The details Prosser brings to the front are quantifiable.

Apple Glass details per the recent leaks

  • Anticipated to start at $499 for the frames, plus any cost for additional prescription lenses
  • All data processing will by done by a connected iPhone, just like Apple Watch Series 0 – 4
  • Plastic set of frames on a prototype, but final design is anticipated in metal
  • LiDAR on right side of the frames
  • No camera will be included for privacy reasons
  • Comes with wireless charging stand
  • Both lenses display information
  • Controlled with frame gestures or in front of the frames
  • Currently will not include functionality for sunglasses
  • Event announcement is anticipated at iPhone 12 event, fall 2020, but will depend on social distancing ability to have actual attendees
  • Apple will hold announcement until 1Q21 if event in 4Q20 is not possible
  • iPhone 12 event is expected in October, given production delays as a result of COVID-19

Prosser contends the iPad 2020 LiDAR sensor is currently being utilized for research for optimizing the hardware and software for the forthcoming Apple Glass devices. The same will be true, once iPhone 12 reaches the market with the same LiDAR sensor.

Given Apple Glass is at least one year away, many more rumors are anticipated, given the amount of detail already provided about the product.