5 Helpful Habits to Become a Safer Driver

Help make the roads we drive on safer for everyone. Get started with these five helpful habits to become a safer driver.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are involved in accidents involving distracted drivers. You’ve likely dealt with distracted drivers yourself and are aware of the dangers that they can cause on the road. While some states have passed laws banning hand-held phone use, that doesn’t eliminate every distraction from the car, and it can be tricky to enforce. However, there are ways you can help make the roads we drive on safer for everyone. Get started with these helpful habits to become a safer driver.

1. Clear Your Windshield of Clutter

Your car already has plenty of blind spots built in, and while many newer cars feature safety features like blind spot monitoring, they can’t detect something in a blind spot that you’ve created yourself. Whether your windshield is cluttered with old parking pass stickers or a bulky suction cup, simply decluttering and clearing your windshield can reduce blind spots and help make you a safer driver.

2. Clean Your Car’s Interior

We’ve all gotten into a friend’s car that is cluttered with water bottles, work materials, workout clothes and more. All these items scattered throughout your car can cause distractions when rolling around, and simply cleaning your car’s interior and keeping it organized helps reduce the distractions you’ll face on the road, making you a safer driver.

3. Use a Quality Car Phone Mount

Choose a phone mount that will keep your phone in place. There’s nothing more distracting than when your phone falls off your mount, causing you to try to pick your phone off the floor. Cheap vent clip mounts don’t always keep your phone in place, and suction cup mounts can easily fall off with changes in temperature. Pay the extra few dollars for a better mount to guarantee that your phone stays put.

ProClip dashboard mounts are built for bumpy roads and attach securely to your dashboard. Specifically designed for your exact make, model and year of car, ProClip mounts keep your phone in a safer place for hands-free use, including GPS navigation, hands-free calling and the perfect dock for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

4. Keep Your Backseat Passengers Entertained

If you have children, you know that backseat passengers can cause plenty of distractions. Reduce your backseat distractions with a distraction of their own. A universal tablet headrest mount can keep the back seat entertained with their favorite shows or games without having to worry about the iPad or tablet falling to the floor. These headrest mounts have been tested with the most stringent automotive industry crash tests to keep everyone in the car safe.

5. Encourage Your Friends and Family to be a Safer Driver

One of the best ways to stay safe is to hold each other accountable. When you’re heading out with friends and family, be sure to help each other be more attentive by reducing distractions and being a positive example for others. Then there will be more drivers on the road making progress towards safer driving.

Keep practicing these habits, and you’ll soon be one of the safest drivers on the road.