RAM 1500 Dashboard Phone Mounts and Holders

Equip your Ram 1500 with a custom ProClip phone mount to keep your phone and other devices safely docked while you're on-the-go.

RAM 1500

RAM 1500 Dashboard Phone Mounts and Holders

The all-new RAM 1500 has been turning heads since the release of the redesigned truck. With more space, storage and technology than ever before, truck drivers have rushed to get behind the wheel. The proof is in the sales, as it passed Chevrolet to become the second most popular truck brand, behind the Ford F-150. When you’re driving your truck, it’s important to stay safe on the road or on the job site with a sturdy dashboard mount for your devices. Using a dashboard phone mount makes using your phone safe and easy. It allows you to easily access your device to use apps, like GPS navigation, and keeps the device at a safe eye level with the road.

Custom-Made Dashboard Mounts for RAM 1500

ProClip USA offers a variety of mounting options for your truck. Our Ram 1500 vehicle mounts are custom-made to fit your truck. Center Dash Mount #855417 snaps into place using the existing seams of your dashboard and can be installed in minutes. The mount is made from high-quality ABS plastic and provides a sturdy mounting platform for a device holder for your phone or GPS. This mount is not for models with column shifting.

Ram 1500 Angled Dash Mount

Attaching to the right of the infotainment screen, Angled Dash Mount #855441 keeps your device within reach for easy access. It snaps into the seams of the dashboard to the right of the passenger side vent and can be installed in minutes.

ProClip Mounts for Dodge Trucks

If you drive an older Dodge truck, we’ve got a ProClip mount for you! Enter the exact make, model and year of your truck in our vehicle finder and see what mounts are available.

We have custom phone mounts available for other trucks, too! If you want to get your F-150, Silverado, Tundra or other truck equipped with a sturdy phone mount from ProClip, head to our vehicle finder and find the best mount for you.

iPhone and Android Holders for RAM 1500

We offer two-part mounting solutions, the first part of the solution requires you to pick a vehicle-specific dashboard mount, like the RAM 1500 mount. The second part requires you to select a holder for your device. We offer custom and universal phone holders that are available in charging and non-charging options for both iPhone and Android devices.

If you have any questions about the best combination for your truck, shoot us an email at customerservice@proclipusa.com and we’ll be happy to help.