New Windows 10 Build Will Let Android Phones Connect to PCs

Windows 10 has a brand new category of items to support: Android phones. Android phones will now be able to connect natively via cable to the PC.
Windows 10

The new version of Windows 10 may make it easier for Android phone users to sync their devices. Native support is currently being introduced to Windows 10 for Android phones, despite competition between Android and Microsoft within the smartphone market.

Connected Through Google

For the most part, Google has handled integration with its mobile devices through its own platforms, such as Google Chrome and the Google search engine. This has allowed for features ranging from saved multi-platform search queries to casting devices directly from any screen. However, this limits the use of Android devices to those who have Google products available.

Microsoft 10 Linking Support

In the new version of Windows 10, users will be able to connect to their Android phones as though it is another network location, allowing for better organization and sharing, as well as enhanced cross-device web browsing. In addition to Android, iOS phones will also be receiving this ability — but it will come at a later date.

This support is still fairly simplistic and does not involve advanced features, but the ability to easily connect to and sync devices may be a selling point for those with both Android devices and Windows 10 PCs. In your Windows settings, look for an option called Phone to link your devices.

Android users who also use Windows PCs are likely to find this new update very useful, though in terms of the phone itself, it is not likely to improve functionality.