iPad Mini Tablet Holders for Your Car

We’ve released our new iPad Mini holders, now available for purchase, with standard tilt swivel, locking holders and cable attachment options.

The iPad Mini is a hit. Reports even indicate the Mini is outselling the normal sized iPads. Citi analysts report Apple ordered 10 million of both iPad Minis and normal sized iPads for Q4 2012, but upped their orders for Q1 2013 with 12-14 million iPad Minis and only 5-7 million normal sized iPads.

We won’t know sales data until January 23, when Apple is expected to release its quarterly earnings report.

These sales aren’t surprising, given the growing popularity of 7-inch tablets and the awesome specs the Mini has to offer. It features a 7.9 inch, 1024×768 pixel screen. It runs iOS 6 and has a 5 megapixel camera. However, it comes with a higher price tag, starting at $329, compared to some of its 7-inch counterparts, like the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD, both starting at $199.

We’ve released our new iPad Mini holders, which are now available for purchase. We have a few different options available, including standard, locking and cable attachment holders.

For locking holders, we have both a spring lock and key lock holder. The spring lock iPad Mini holder is meant for quick release and the key lock iPad Mini holder features a lock for added security and comes with two keys.

Spring Lock iPad Mini Holder
Key Lock iPad Mini Holder

Cable attachment holders are perfect for keeping the Mini charged throughout the day, as well as for connecting to the USB port now offered in many newer vehicles. All cable attachment holders must be used with your own charging cable.

We offer cable attachment holders for use with (1) the original Apple Lightning to USB Cable and (2) the Apple Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter Cable (0.2m) or Digital AV Adapter Cable.

iPad Mini Holder for Lightning to 30 Pin
iPad Mini Holder for Lightning to USB

We offer these cable attachment holders in both standard tilt swivel (shown above) and key or spring lock.

Holders on pre-order are expected to be in-stock by mid-January.