Where Are All the 2019 iPhone Rumors?

The 2019 iPhone rumors have been dim at best. The new device, launching in a short month's time, could be a minor spec bump.

As we continue the summer into August, the iPhone fall event is seemingly around the corner. Historically, iPhones are announced in September. In fact, every iPhone since the iPhone 5, has been announced in September. Consequently, we are about a month away from the media event, but where are all the 2019 iPhone Rumors? What should we expect to see in September? The 2019 iPhone rumor mill is only slowly churning.

2019 iPhone

About this time of the year, armchair analysts have scraped together enough rumors to almost peg every last detail of the forthcoming handset. This year the rumors are quite different. In fact, there have been more rumors about the 2020 iPhone since the launch of iPhone XS, last fall. With the combination of 2020 rumors, and a speculated similar 2019 design, everyone is looking toward the future.

A New iPhone Camera

The upgraded camera set is one of the only exterior modifications expected. An even larger camera bump with three lenses on the iPhone 11 (official name TBD) and a dual lens on the iPhone XR 2 (official name TBD) is expected.

Previously leaked 2019 iPhone cases are betting on the new iPhone camera bump. There are already cases in production that will accommodate the new bump and it is rare for a manufacturer to take such a large financial risk only to be wrong.

The above picture was shared via Weibo and seems to confirm the three lens camera system in the top left corner. Other notable items include antenna band cuts as well as the large circle for the resonance Qi compatible charging coil.

More iPhone Rumors?

Unfortunately, there does not appear to actually be much else. The form factor designs for all three models will continue to be the same, aside from some minor rumors the back glass may be frosted this year, instead of clear. There is a slight chance the new 2019 iPhone XR will come in two new colors, lavender and green, dropping coral and yellow.

Also being dropped is 3D Touch. Barclays and the Wall Street Journal both speculate the deep pressure touch technology, introduced on Apple Watch then iPhone 6s, will be deprecated from all future iPhones. The advantage for iOS is the inclusion of a long-press, instead of 3D Touch, will allow consistent input operability across all iOS devices, old, new, and iPad too.

via Macrumors

Naturally, we can expect a new processor, assumedly named the A13. Most likely, better battery life will be touted, whether an efficiency of software or hardware.

There is also a big ‘maybe’ around the following very low rumored changes:

  • USB-C – instead of Apple’s proprietary Lightning port for charging and data
  • Bilateral wireless charging – which would allow the iPhone to charge itself or other devices from the Qi compatible coil on the back
  • Taptic Engine upgrade – this is simply the vibration technology
  • Upgraded antenna – WiFi, dual bluetooth, 4×4 MIMO

Finally, and most recently, there is a speculative rumor the new 2019 iPhone devices will support Apple Pencil.

The iPhone 8, launched in 2017, was the ‘s’ year for the iPhone 7. As Apple stated in 2017, the iPhone X design was a year ahead of itself. It was for true Apple fanboys or those that want next-year’s technology now. The iPhone X was launched more of a showcase of the future, a design concept of what is to come.

Therefore, the 2018 iPhone XS was the true launch year of that design and the 2019 iPhone XS 2, is the second year of the standard tick-tock design refresh Apple has followed for years. Consequently, Apple launching the same form factor three years running, was to be expected?