New Features With the Apple iOS 11.3 Update

Apple just released an updated iOS 11.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with better battery performance, augmented reality and health records.

Whether you use an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or any combination from Apple’s line of mobile devices, you’ll want to take advantage of the latest update to the iOS operating system. Apple has just released iOS 11.3 and it has a number of features that you’ll want to check out.

New Features in iOS 11.3

Battery Health

One of the most important new features in the new iOS 11.3 update for Apple mobile devices is a fix for performance throttling in older iPhones. The new “Battery Health” option in Settings allows you to disable a performance management feature that Apple had originally included to slow down iPhones to preserve battery power, to the detriment of user experience. However, you have to wait for your device to shut down unexpectedly once before you can deactivate the feature, noted Ars Technica.

Text Customer Support

How would you like to communicate with companies’ customer support staff using the convenience of chat on your Apple device? In iOS 11.3, you can now engage in text message customer support discussions directly from the Messages app. Companies currently participating include Apple (of course!), Hilton, Ameritrade and Lowes.

Health Records

With the new upgrade also comes Health Records, which Apple just added to its flagship Health app. Health Records lets you connect with health networks and gives you access to all the details from the app even if your various healthcare providers use different systems or networks.


Fans of Animojis will rejoice to learn that Apple released four new Animojis in the 11.3 iOS update. Latest additions consist of a bear, dragon, lion and skeleton.

Giving Your Hands a Break When Using the New iOS System

The newest update to Apple’s iOS operating system has a number of features designed to help you get more out of your device. More usage typically means people are holding their devices for longer periods.

There is one thing you can do to avoid sore hands that cramp up from having to hold your device for too long, such as when reading or enjoying a video. You can keep your iPhone or iPad running iOS 11.3 safe and secure by mounting it in a sturdy ProClip table stand, orienting so the screen is positioned at the perfect angle with no glare or need to crane your neck.

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