[VIDEO] How to Quickly Remove Your Device Holder from a Vehicle or Pedestal Mount

May 12, 2014 •

Taking your device in and out of its ProClip holder is pretty quick and simple. Just slide it in when you get into the car and easily slide it out when you arrive at your destination.

However, you may sometimes wish to remove the entire holder and take it with you to attach to another mounting base. For instance, you might move your phone from your personal car to your work vehicle. Or, you might take your phone/tablet out of the car and mount it to a stand at your desk.

Unscrewing the device holder from the mounting base every time you want to move it is unrealistic. That’s why we have move clips.

Move clips allow you to easily and quickly remove your device holder from its mounting base and reattach to another vehicle mount or pedestal mount. Watch this video to see how it works.