Tesla Reveals the Cybertruck with a Wild Design

The newly-announced truck from Tesla is quite an interesting design. Here's an inside look at the Tesla Cybertruck set to begin production in 2021.
Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla’s new Cybertruck has more than 200,000 pre-orders. The futuristic truck can be secured with the payment of a refundable $100 pre-order fee to Tesla. There is plenty of fanfare for the new truck as it looks quite unique, starts at an affordable $39,900 and will save drivers a bundle of money on transportation costs.

Tesla Cybertruck Production

Tesla founder and CEO, Elon Musk, has not stated where his company will produce the new Cybertruck. However, Musk did mention production will commence in the final months of 2021. Production of the tri motor all wheel drive version of the truck will commence a year later. Tesla representatives have not responded to requests for information regarding production details and additional plans for the angular new truck. However, automakers usually have fully dedicated truck plants to produce vehicles of this magnitude.

At the moment, Tesla has one auto plant in the United States, located in Fremont, California. Those familiar with the plant insist the company won’t be able to add to its current capacity unless the facility is expanded. Though the new truck is likely to begin production toward the end of 2021, there is no guarantee Tesla will meet its timeline. After all, the company has a history of letting down fans as well as investors. Time will tell if the final version of the truck is produced on schedule and looks anything like the model that debuted earlier this month.

Tesla Cybertruck Details

Though Tesla’s Cybertruck looks similar to a trapezoid, it is much more than a chic-looking truck. This vehicle features a built-in ramp within the tailgate, a roll-down cover and an exterior comprised of stainless steel alloy. This is the same metal used for the Musk’s SpaceX rockets. Though the truck’s windows broke when hit with a sledgehammer, the vehicle will likely be able to withstand considerable force without enduring extensive damage.

Cybertruck Performance

The tri motor all wheel drive version of the new Cybertruck will carry upwards of 3,500 pounds. This behemoth of a truck can tow upwards of 14,000 pounds. The truck hits 60 miles per hour from a standstill in a mere 2.9 seconds. Perhaps most important is the fact that the truck can drive a whopping 500 miles on a single charge. Opt for the base model and your Cybertruck’s range will be capped at 250 miles.

The new Tesla Cybertruck is just as much about utility as it is about saving money on transportation expenses. The truck allows drivers to carry cargo within the bed. Furthermore, the truck has storage spaces beneath the hood and along the sides of the vehicle that can be locked with ease. In fact, drivers can even alter the truck’s ride height for those instances when they are driving off-road or on the highway and relying on adaptive air suspension. These are only some of the dazzling new features of the new Tesla Cybertruck.  Stay tuned as more updates are released in the months ahead.