[Infographic] Install Your ProClip In Under 3 Minutes

Our mounting solutions are extremely easy to install and use. After selecting your custom mount and holder, follow this infographic to successfully install your ProClip solution in under 3 minutes.
install proclip

ProClip mounting solutions are vehicle-specific and device-specific to give you a perfect fit every time. Whether you are looking for a mount for your phone, tablet or GPS system, we have you covered! Our mounts provide a safe and secure place for your device when you are in your vehicle – a Home for Your Phone. We also have multiple mounting positions available in most vehicles.

In order to find your perfect mount, follow these quick and simple steps:

  1. Pick a mount for your specific vehicle (make/model/year)
  2. Select a holder for your specific device (brand/model)

After finding your custom ProClip mount and holder, follow this infographic to successfully install your mobile mounting solution in your vehicle. All you will need is:

  1. Your Vehicle Mount
  2. Your Device Holder
  3. Phillips-Head Screwdriver
  4. Four Screws (Included)
install proclip

ProClip’s goal is to provide you the best quality in vehicle mounts to hold the technology most important to you! All of our holders and mounts are made out of durable, high-grade ABS plastic, making them sturdy and long lasting. We also strive to make them extremely easy for you to install and use. Just see what ProClip customers are saying on social media!

To find your ProClip solution, check out our website today!