Official COBB Mount for Accessport V3

ProClip is an official partner of COBB Tuning! Check out the best-selling Accessport V3 COBB mount for each top vehicle.

What is the Accessport V3? COBB Tuning developed a simple plug-and-play hardware to maximize stock engine output. The hardware or Accessport V3 contains user-friendly software that can instantly upgrade any driving experience. Simply plug the power cord into the OBD port located under the steering wheel column. The Accessport should then begin sending pre-loaded maps to the vehicle ECU or car computer. Tapping into the ECU unlocks the hidden potential of your car to begin modifying air/fuel ratio, ignition timing and boost. For $675 the tuned experience can begin.

Vehicle-Specific COBB Accessport Mount

ProClip offers several COBB mounts to properly display your Accessport V3. By mounting the Accessport with COBB Holster, the driver can have easy access to real-time car metrics. Did you know ProClip has a suction cup alternative for the COBB Accessport V3? No more sticky 3M tape or low-quality 3D printed mounts. ProClip mounts for COBB Tuning are vehicle-specific to fit your exact make, model and year. They attach in 5 minutes or less using the OEM dashboard seams. Each mounting kit contains all parts necessary to mount your Accessport V3. Check out the best-selling COBB mount for each top vehicle:

COBB Accessport Mount Subaru WRX; Fits the 2015-2019 Subaru WRX STI.

COBB Accessport Mount Ford Focus; Fits the 2011-2018 Ford Focus ST.

COBB Accessport Mount Ford Fiesta; Fits the 2009-2018 Ford Fiesta ST.

COBB Tuning Official Partner

ProClip is an official partner of COBB Tuning. Do you have a car without an official COBB mount? Pair the dual-t adapter item #215199 and your vehicle mount of choice. This adapter can rotate and swivel the Accessport for a better view. COBB provides a better driving experience from the moment you push start. Buy from your local COBB reseller or via the ProClip website.

COBB Mount