Motorola ET1 Tablet Holders

The Motorola ET1 is built for business. We have eight holder designs available for the Motorola ET1 tablet including charging and a MultiStand holder.

The Motorola ET1 is “The Enterprise Tablet” built for enterprise businesses. It features a long-lasting battery, sturdy design, high security, multi-user login and access to third-party enterprise applications that make it ideal for business use. We have eight holders available for the Motorola ET1 tablet.

Motorola ET1

Cigarette Lighter Plug Charging ET1 Holders
Whether you want to charge with your cigarette plug or hard wire your holder into your vehicle’s dashboard, we have options for you. If you’re looking to use the cigarette lighter plug as your power source, we have a charging holder with tilt swivel, charging holder with no swivel and a charging holder with key lock. These holders:

  • Work with or without the Bezel (a customizable, protective rubber casing available from Motorola)
  • Accommodate the credit card module that attaches to the top of the tablet
  • Work with the hand strap on the back of the tablet (exception: tilt swivel holder will not)Motorola ET1 Locking Holder

The key lock is a feature on some of our tablet holders which allows for the tablet to be locked into place for added security. There is a key lock block on the top side of the holder.

Hard Wire Installation Charging ET1 Holders
We also have three charging holders for hard wire installation. They include a tilt swivel holder for hard wire, a charging holder without tilt swivel for hard wire and a key lock holder for hard wire.

These three holders are similar to the cigarette lighter plug charging holders in that they work with or without the Bezel and will accommodate the credit card module. The tilt swivel holder is the only one that cannot be used with the hand strap on the back of the holder.

More ET1 Tablet Holders
In addition to these two styles, we also have a standard holder for the ET1 which will work with or without the Bezel and accommodate the credit card module. This holder cannot be used with the hand strap and it is not a charging holder.

We also offer a custom fit MultiStand holder for the ET1. This is a multi-functional table and carry stand that is ideal for use in the office, at home or outdoors. It can be used on a table top, in your hard, on your lap or mounted to a wall. There is an arm on the back of the MultiStand which rotates for use in landscape and portrait position. This arm is also conveniently shaped to be a hand grip for use when walking around.

Motorola ET1 Holder