M1 iMac 2021: Biggest Update in Decade Shocks Reviewers

The 2021 M1 iMac is the biggest design overhaul, both internally and externally, since it became a unibody design in 2009.

Friday, May 21, the M1 iMac 2021 will be available in stores and arriving on pre-order doorsteps. The overhauled machine offers new internal boosts with Apple’s M1 system on a chip and a completely revamped design. At 11.5mm thin, the iMac design is thinner than an Apple Watch. With seven new colors, it offers a slim and eye-grabbing design. Tech YouTubers submitted their videos once Apple’s official press release confirmed the availability.

2021 iMac Stuns Reviewers

Somehow scoring every single new iMac from Apple, iJustine takes a look at the plethora of colors for the new M1 iMac. Apple claims it launched seven new colors for the update, but that depends on your feeling about whether silver counts, given A) it isn’t really a color way and B) silver has been a Mac color for decades. But, feel free to challenge us!

The two-tone designs really take shape against Justine’s all-white background. The M1 iMac also comes with a color matching keyboard and either Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad. If you’re purchasing a high-end model, the Magic Trackpad includes Touch ID, borrowed from iPhone and iPad. You can however, upgrade the lower configuration by paying extra for the Touch ID version. You may also purchase both the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse. We did confirm with an Apple Sales Specialist, currently, the only way to buy the colored accessories is with a brand new iMac.

Below, UrAvgConsumer takes a deeper look at the green colorway. Judner takes time to point out even the intricacies of the Apple packaging, giving a nod to the high design details for all of Apple’s products. Importantly, he points out there is an option to also purchase a 10-key matching keyboard, which also includes the Touch ID upgrade.

Fancy colors aside, Tyler Stalman gives the M1 iMac a test with photographers and filmmakers in mind. As a professional photographer and videographer himself, he is well qualified to investigate the new iMac’s capabilities.

He notes in single-core performance, the M1 iMac is going to beat most other entry and mid-level Intel processors on the market. He comments that he has had trouble editing video on his 15″ Intel MacBook Pro that is specced at a higher tier than the new M1 iMac; however, the iMac is handling his tests fluidly.

According to Stalman, this model is perfect for anyone getting into video or photography and the system will handle anything, except multiple streams of 8K footage.

One design note from Stalman includes the Finder navigation bar also matches the hardware color way, which is a fun surprise.

The M1 iMac will be available for day-of purchase on Friday, May 21, starting at $1,299. This entry-level model comes in Blue, Green, Pink and Silver, with two Thunderbolt ports and 256GB. Stepping up to the higher tier at $1,499, buyers get access to Yellow, Orange, and Purple, two additional USB-C ports, integrated ethernet, and a Touch ID Magic Keyboard are included.