iPad Dash Mounts and Green Cab of Madison – Happy Drivers and Passengers

Green Cab of Madison has been installing ProClip USA iPad dashboard and headrest mounts in their Toyota Prius cabs since 2010.
Green Cab Exterior

Green Cab of Madison: “Think Green. Ride Green. Save Green” has created a brand of innovation  that has helped them standout among the well-established cab companies in Madison, Wisconsin. Their entire fleet consists of 2010 or newer Toyota Prius (or Prii) and they do not force their riders into a shared ride; they offer both direct and shared options to their customers. Green Cab has also found innovation in their daily operations. If you’ve ever ridden in a Green Cab, you noticed the iPad mounted to the dashboard. This not only serves as a nice, large screen for navigation but they have ingeniously synced all of these iPads with their dispatch software GreenLight which eliminates the need for those noisy two-way radios! If you haven’t ridden Green Cab, you may think these bells and whistles mean a more expensive ride but it doesn’t. They provide inexpensive fares for Madison, Dane County and more. Figure out your fare ahead of time if you want to compare.

Green Cab has been using ProClip USA‘s iPad dashboard and headrest mounts since 2010. You will find one of our iPad dash mounts in every Green Cab Prius and in some, the passengers get the luxury of having an iPad to view on the back of the headrest.

iPad Dashboard Mount Green Cab
iPad Dashboard Mount in Green Cab
iPad Headrest Mounts Green Cab
iPad Headrest Mounts in Green Cab

iPad dashboard mounts have proven to provide a better experience for Green Cab drivers with safer access to GPS and the pick-up queue as well as ease of payment as they are equipped with Square™ credit card readers.

The headrest mounts are ideal for backseat entertainment and advertising opportunities for local businesses all while ensuring the rear seat passengers are safe! All headrest mounts provided by ProClip USA are front and rear impact crash tested.

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