How to Install an Adjustable Pedestal Mount

June 13, 2014 •

Installing our adjustable Pedestal Mounts couldn’t be easier. Pedestal Mounts can be fixed to any flat, sturdy surface. So, whether you’re looking to use your mobile device in your vehicle or in a conference room, these simple instructions will get you on your way to mounting your device wherever it’s convenient for you.

  1. Start by removing the base from the pedestal
  2. Locate the dual holes on the base and use them as a template to mark the surface where you wish to install the pedestal mount
  3. Drill appropriately sized pilot holes for the screws or bolts you wish to use in securing the base to the surface
  4. Attach base with screws or bolts appropriate to the surface you are attaching it to
  5. Assemble pedestal to the base

Please view the video below for a detailed demonstration on how to install one of our Adjustable Pedestal Mounts.

*Pedestal specific instructions can also be found under the “How to Install” tab when viewing individual mounts.