Why Your Fleet Should Use Back-Office Automation

Boost your customer service and document processing with the use of back-office automation for your large fleet. ProClip USA provides valuable insight into using ELD systems for automating your drivers and office staff.
Back-Office Automation

As a fleet owner, it is your job to find ways to reduce costs, streamline timely tasks, and improve customer service. Back-office automation has the potential to provide each of these benefits. However, since automating tasks is a new concept you may need to explain the way this type of system helps in your fleet office. Start with these top reasons why back-office automation is well suited for the needs of large fleets.

Speed Up Searches

Prior to an automated back-office, all invoices, bills of lading and receipts are handled manually. In addition to increasing the amount of time it takes to get filing and invoicing done, manual processing reduces your ability to find information. Let’s say you need to track the invoices of a particular operator in your fleet.

If you have ELD software, which is one way to automate back-office systems, then you can quickly find the information you are looking for. Data is stored within a cloud-based system that can be searched wherever you have internet service. No more waiting to retrieve a file or thumb through stacks of paperwork to find information you need immediately.

Reduce Human Error

As you move toward automated back-office procedures, your company cuts out the amount of mistakes made by drivers and office workers. For starters, formulas and quick entry forms help prevent individuals for making calculating errors and omitting documents. Fewer mistakes speeds up back-office services and saves money on fixing these errors. At the same time, when your office is running more efficiently this helps boost customer service.

Improve Customer Service

Back-office automation also supports customer service by freeing up your office staff and drivers from dealing with paperwork, filing, invoicing, and the like. When your employees are spending less time submitting and processing documents, they can be more attentive with the front-office service for your fleet. Those working in the office have time to source customer leads and follow up with customer requests. Your fleet operators can feel more confident in the way your office is handling customers, which boosts their customer relation skills.

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