Top 5 Apps to Survive the Holiday Season

November 25, 2016 •

Top 5 Apps to Survive the Holiday Season
The holiday season has arrived, which means we are all spending more time on the road. Not only is this a perfect time to invest-in or gift a ProClip mount, it is also the time we turn to our devices for travel information on-the-road, entertainment to avoid awkward family conversation, or to help that uncle that just always has a tech question. Here are our top five holiday season companion apps.

Top Five Holiday Survival Apps

1. iExit Interstate Exit Guide


Download: iExit Interstate Exit Guide (Free)

Other than mounting your device with a ProClip, the iExit Interstate Exit Guide is a perfect companion for your travel. We all rely on those green interstate signs to determine the availability of gas, lodging, and food. The kids are screaming for a meal, but what is coming up? Maybe there is a McDonald’s at the upcoming exit, but you would rather have Wendy’s. With iExit, it will show you all of the upcoming interstate exits with exit numbers, how many miles away, and what you can find at each stop. It even indicates the location distance, in relation to the exit. If you are looking for something in particular, you can set alarms as you approach stops for specific locations. It is an amazing road trip tool. We can’t believe it’s free.

2. Amazon Video


Download: Amazon Video (Free)

Admittedly, the catch here is the price. Amazon Video is a free download, but watching free content requires a Prime subscription. However, if you would like to buy or rent a video, you can do so without a subscription. The big upgrade, which places the app on top of our list, is downloadable options. Amazon recently added a downloadable video library, which allows you to fill up your device before losing WiFi. The downloadable library includes heavy hitters, including: Rome; Vikings; Sopranos; Spectre; Mockingjay; Mission Impossible; Interstellar. Hit the road, plane, or auntie’s couch with a full set of movies or TV, because we all know your great aunt has zero WiFi.

3. AirPort Utility


Download: AirPort Utility (Free)

Speaking of WiFi, your less tech savvy family and friends always ask you to help them with technology when you arrive. You are the one reading an article about apps in your free time, after all. AirPort Utility works well with third-party and Apple routers. It provides a network map and other information about each access point. If you are in a spot that happens to have WiFi and you are inevitably being asked to take a look under the technology-hood, AirPort Utility can be a big time saver. Related, you may want to download Speedtest (Free), to check out network speeds.

4. Pocket


Download: Pocket: Save Articles and Videos to View Later (Free)

Pocket fits into the “read it later” category, which identifies apps that provide offline access to online content. Using Pocket gives you the ability to save webpages, articles, and other online content in an offline locker, of sorts. It will download the content, along with images and store them locally on your device. Because the articles are mostly text, this offline library does not really take up much space on your device. You can use the built-in iOS share sheet to easily store things in Pocket, from Facebook, Twitter, Safari, or other enabled apps. It is great for storing long-form articles you don’t presently have time to read, but would love to enjoy later. Great for that zero WiFi holiday visit or in the car/plane.

5. Alto’s Adventure

Download: Alto’s Adventure ($3.99)

Arguably one of the most beautiful games for iOS, Alto’s Adventure is a snowboarding jaunt through a hilly countryside. Using simple graphics, weather, and a progressing day/night background, Alto’s Adventure keeps you engaged through simple challenges. Earn new characters with different abilities and perform tricks on the board to earn new levels. While Alto’s Adventure is $3.99, there are no additional in-app-purchases. It is an incredible game and has been impressing audiences for more than a year. If you are enjoying Alto’s Adventure, try equally impressive, Monument Valley ($3.99).