ProClip Extension Plates – Customize Your Setup for Better Viewing and Increased Versatility

March 29, 2012 •

ProClip USA offers multiple extension plates to customize the view of your mounted devices and even hold multiple devices on the same Vehicle Mount! These plates can create a better view and increase overall safety for drivers.
Horizontal Extension Plate
If you’re looking to put TWO devices on to the same Vehicle Mount, take a look at our Horizontal Extension Plate:
Item No. 215397 – Horizontal Extension Plate

*Not recommended for Angled Mounts or Console Mounts*

If you just want to modify a current or new setup, use these extension plates to optimize viewing:

Left Right Extension PlateItem No. 215395 – Left/Right Extension Plate

Veritcal PlateItem No. 213065 – Vertical Extension Plate

Vertical Mount PlateItem No. 215228 – Vehicle Mount Adapter, Angled

Whether choosing a new ProClip Two-Part Mounting Solution or modifying your current one, keep our extension plates in mind for a better and safer driving experience.

Photos of ProClip USA extension plates in action!

Extension Plate Device
Extension Plate Device Mount

Extension Plate Angled Device
Extension Plate Angled Device Mount

Extension Plate Low Device
Extension Plate Low Device Mount