10 Essential Car Items to Keep in Your Vehicle

Many of us carry too much stuff in our car. Yet, when an emergency strikes, will we have what we need? Here are 10 essential items to have in your vehicle.
Essential Car Items

Many of us carry too much junk in our cars. Yet, when an emergency strikes, will we have what we need? Here’s a run-down of the most important things to carry in your car.

10 Items to Keep in Your Car

  1. Equipment for Handling a Flat. Some cars come with a spare tire, but if yours doesn’t, get a can of tire inflator/sealer to help with a flat tire.
  2. Jumper Cables. A flat battery can happen at any time, so having jumper cables with you could be a lifesaver. Alternatively, you could get an emergency battery booster, which also overcomes the problem of needing a second car to jump from.
  3. The Car’s Manual. Maybe a strange symbol just lit up on the dashboard, or perhaps you need the trick for lifting the windshield wipers off the glass. Everything you’ll need to know is in the car manual.
  4. Duct Tape. Whatever comes loose or breaks, duct tape is the (short-term) answer. It’s your fix-all tool.
  5. Cleaning Wipes. Cleaning wipes are great to keep in your car. You never know when you need to get the germs off of your hands (like after pumping gas), or wipe your car’s seat clean from accidental food and drink spills.
  6. Loose Change. Many cities are switching to credit card parking meters, however, you might need to park in one that isn’t. Having loose change in your car is also handy for buying snacks and drinks.
  7. Map or Road Atlas. You may use a GPS or navigation app, but there will be times when you need to see the big picture. It will be easier to see if a particular detour is worthwhile by using a paper map.
  8. Notepad and Pen. Pen and paper are always good to have. Although we have smartphones to keep notes on, you may need to leave a note for someone or jot down contact details.
  9. Flares or a Flashlight. It’s dark and you are lost. Or worse, stranded on the side of the road. A flashlight will be useful for alerting others of your presence, or seeing your car when changing the tire or checking under the hood.
  10. Ice Scraper. Yes, this is a seasonal item and it depends on where you live. However, when the first snowfall hits, you’ll be thankful you have it. Plus, you can loan it to the cute person parked next to you. How’s that for an icebreaker?

Having excess stuff in your car increases gas mileage and costs you a little performance. Plus, it’s a bad look when giving someone a ride. However, there are a few essential items, in addition to your car phone mount, you should have in your vehicle to save you from potential emergencies. So, make sure to not leave home without them!