Do You Like the Current Version of Apps on Your iPhone 7? Here’s How to Disable Automatic App Updates

If you rely on the current versions of any apps on your iPhone 7, you will want to learn how to disable automatic app updates now.
Disable Automatic App Updates

If the world would come crashing down around you because any or all of your favorite iPhone apps will no longer work following an unwanted update from their developers, you will need to take control over your device.

For example, you may use a specialized app to help you run your business, or you share data from an app with other people using similarly configured iPhones or iPads and you cannot do updates without disrupting your team’s efforts. Sometimes updates are called for because they address security issues or major flaws. However, if an app has been updated for cosmetic purposes or for a reason you do not care about, you might prefer to keep your iPhone from updating any apps automatically.

How To Disable Automatic App Updates on Your iPhone 7

With your iPhone 7 running iOS operating system version 10.3.2, you can adjust preferences to immediately stop the device from automatically updating apps, in just a few steps, noted a recent report from SolveYourTech.

Tap “Settings” from the home screen and then tap the “iTunes & App Store” option. Tap the toggle next to “Updates” to drag it to the left and remove its green shading. Now, your device will no longer automatically check the online store for updates or apply them to any of your apps.

Keep in mind that if you do want to update a particular app, you will need to take care of it manually, by connecting to Apple’s App Store with your iPhone. This is particularly important if an app has been demonstrated as being susceptible to malware and needs to be patched, so keep tabs on the reasons for updates to any of the crucial apps running on your device.

Make it Easier to Enjoy Your Favorite iPhone Apps During Summer Road Trips

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