Custom Forklift Mount Kits: Why They Are Better Than Ball Mounts

March 3, 2017 •

Custom Forklift Mount Kits: Why They Are Better Than Ball Mounts
Forklifts are an essential tool in the modern workplace. A hefty investment for some businesses, a forklift can speed up warehouse inventory and maximize productivity, if used correctly. Any time spent off the forklift – searching for a charger or fumbling with a device limits productivity. Truly efficient companies have taken the next step in streamlining productivity by incorporating the latest technologies – smartphones, tablets, mobile computers, handheld scanners and mobile printers. ProClip custom forklift mount kits will keep these devices securely mounted, charged and ready to go to work.

Why are Custom Forklift Mount Kits a Better Solution Than Ball-Joint Style Mounts?

ProClip Forklift Mounts are precision machined from solid-core aluminum and feature adjustable interlocking joints with aluminum teeth. A ball-joint style clamp mount, while quick and easy to manipulate, is prone to gradual loosening as well as material breakdown, especially in environments with high levels of shock and vibration. The result is continual mount re-tightening and ultimately, component replacement. The interlocking joints in the ProClip Forklift Mount Kit hold tightly and will not loosen on their own. In the event a viewing angle adjustment is required, heavy-duty Allen bolts and oversized wingnuts make it a quick task.

Why Use a Custom Forklift Mount Kit from ProClip?

ProClip device mounts for business are machined and hand-tooled from quality materials including lightweight aluminum and high-grade ABS and Acetal plastics. This unique construction makes ProClip mobile device mounts stronger, more durable and longer lasting. Made from solid-core aluminum, forklift mount kits do not oxidize like steel making it the perfect solution for outdoor work environments.

ProClip offers forklift mount kits in 4, 6, 8 and 10-inch lengths for optimal usability. Each of these kits provides a configurable and rock-sold mounting solution and is compatible with any ProClip device holder or charging cradle. All forklift kits have a 300-lb. capacity to withstand not only the device mass but also the significant shock and vibration generated by a forklift. With the device securely in place, the driver can operate the forklift and safely pay attention to the task at hand.

ProClip Forklift Mounts at a Glance: 

Custom Forklift Mount Kit from ProClip
Custom made with quick turn-around time, ProClip Forklift Mount Kits are the safe, convenient and durable choice to mount virtually any device onto a forklift. The driver can now utilize the warehouse technology to its full potential. Below are the top reasons to use a ProClip Forklift Mount Kit:

  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Attach to any Flat Surface
  • Universal AMPS and VESA Mount Pattern
  • Adjustable to Accommodate any Machine Operator

ProClip USA has over 30 years of experience providing high-quality mobile device holders and mounts that facilitate the merger between mobile technology and workers. Our innovative designs improve worker safety and productivity by keeping mobile computing devices secure, fully charged and within easy reach.

(1) Pictured above: Forklift Clamp Mount with 4-inch Pedestal – #215888

(2) Pictured above: Forklift Clamp Mount with 6-inch Pedestal – #215889