Connect and Collaborate with Google’s New Allo and Duo Android Apps

Google has recently announced two new apps for the Android: Allo, an instant messaging service, and Duo, a video conferencing platform.
Connect and Collaborate with Google's New Allo and Duo Android Apps

Google recently introduced two new apps for the Android and iOS: Allo and Duo. Allo and Duo are both communication and collaboration apps designed to make it easier than ever to connect through Android devices. Though there are no known plans for a desktop version, Allo and Duo may be able to compete with some internal iOS functions such as iMessage, and will also be available for iOS devices.

Allo Instant Mobile Messaging

Allo is an instant messaging app with a twist. Just as iOS can predict what you’re going to say, Allo uses context clues to generate responses. The “smart” messaging app can even identify the contents of photos and then guess as to how you would respond. Allo is designed to make instant messaging faster and easier than ever and is considered to be a competitive product with iMessage. Allo also integrates Google’s search engine and knowledge engine to provide information for requests and to easily send information to other users.

Duo Video Calling and Conferencing

Duo is a video conferencing application that works on both Android and iOS. It’s designed to offer video calling even with limited connection speed. The calls themselves offer high definition depending on connection speed — and the calls are encrypted for privacy. The calls are designed to work over both WiFi and cellular data. Duo will be released with Allo during the summer.

Allo and Duo are both unique one purpose tools within the Google arsenal, but Google has come under fire for segregating its messaging products rather than integrating them into one complete communication solution. With the addition of Allo and Duo, Google now has an entire suite of messaging products: Google Voice, Gmail Chat, and Google Hangouts. It’s unknown whether there are plans to consolidate Allo and Duo into a larger, integrated suite, or if they will remain entirely standalone.