The Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2019

2019 has had some incredible smart home gadgets hit the market that you will most certainly want to read about and make your home smarter.

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The Best Smart Home Gadgets of 2019

Technology is constantly improving the way that we live our lives. There are always new innovations that are hitting the market that can greatly improve the way we handle our day to day activities. Whether it is a Bluetooth speaker or a portable vacuum cleaner that cleans your home automatically, technology is constantly providing us with new and innovative ways to improve our way of lives. 2019 has already seen plenty of incredible new smart gadgets that hit the market. Let’s take a look at some of the best gadgets that have already improved our quality of life.

Amazon Echo Dot (Third Generation)

Being able to listen to your music whenever and wherever you want is incredibly important to some people. Fortunately, the Amazon Echo Dot has come to the market in 2019 and has already blown people away. These speaks will cost you about $50 and are absolutely worth every penny. They have voice assistant features that will help you navigate your favorite apps that you want to listen to. This is a must-have for people who love to listen to music whenever they are busy doing activities in their home.

Phillips Hue White LED

Smart bulbs have helped us save incredible amounts of money by utilizing LED technology. This new type of bulb encompasses the normal A19 bulbs that can bring a variation of indoor and outdoor options for your lighting preferences. This type of variety is perfect for individuals who want to illuminate parts of their home and do it all in style. Fortunately, these bulbs are only $70 and come with a Hue hub that will help you get your bulbs online. This will allow you to change the settings of the bulbs from anywhere in your home via your smart device.

Arlo Pro 2

Home security is incredibly important. This is why you want to get the very best home security cameras that suit your needs. Fortunately, the Arlo Pro 2 cameras are worth your investment. While the price tag of $480 may turn away some people, it is absolutely worth looking into. You get 2 cameras that can be placed indoors or outdoors and can be connected to your smart device. The cameras are weatherproof and can be charged with a rechargeable battery that will keep them running for as long as six months.