Get an Air Lift Controller Mount from ProClip

The ProClip USA Air Lift Controller Mount is custom made to fit the Accuair e-Level Touchpad and Airlift Performance 3H/3P/3S controller.

What is air ride suspension and why do you need it? Your vehicle comes stock with a factory coil over suspension where a coil spring goes over the shock or strut. With air suspension, the coil is replaced by a rubber membrane that can be inflated or deflated with air to your preferred ride height. Lowering your vehicle with air suspension not only gives the car an aggressive stance but can improve ride quality to clear obstacles on less desirable roads.

Did you know ProClip has an Air Lift Performance and AccuAir Controller Mount? No more laying your expensive lift controller on the passenger seat or in the cup holder.  The ProClip USA air ride suspension controller mount is custom made to fit the AccuAir e-Level Touchpad and Air Lift Performance 3H/3P/3S controller. Manage your suspension on a smartphone app? ProClip can mount your Apple or Android device. Get the details on each leading air suspension management system:

ProClip Air Lift Controller Mount

The 3H/3P/3S Height + Pressure Management System is the budget-friendly choice offering the complete air suspension package for vehicles with and without compressor tank. Dock the Air Lift Performance 3H/3P/3S Controller conveniently in custom holder #246821. Averaging around $1,500 USD, the Air Lift controller mount features an open bottom connection to dock and power the lift controller at the same time.

ProClip AccuAir Controller Mount

The AccuAir e-Level Air Management Package with ENDO-CVT is the premium choice offering the entire air suspension package complete with control system, compressor tank and robust internal solenoid valve. Dock the AccuAir e-Level Controller with Touchpad compatible with all exterior finishes conveniently in custom holder #246821. Averaging around $3,000 USD, the Accuair controller mount features an open bottom connection to dock and charge the lift controller at the same time.

Vehicle Specific Air Suspension Controller Mounts

After you choose the air ride suspension brand the controller becomes command central. Replacing your controller can be costly with the AccuAir controller costing around $225 USD and Air Lift Performance costing around $300 USD. The ProClip mount black exterior finish looks OEM to the dashboard and is the affordable add on to hold your expensive lift controller. Pair the custom controller mount #246821 with a ProClip Vehicle Mount for top cars including the Dodge Challenger, Volkswagen Golf, Audi A4, Subaru WRX and more.

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