Top 5 iPhone 6s Features

October 1, 2015 •

iPhone 6s publicly launched on Friday, September 25. The device was available for walk-in appointment purchases and deliveries were made to those who pre-ordered over the past two weeks. With many new features, the iPhone 6s is a powerful device that implements a few new tricks to make the user experience, even better than last […]   Read More ››

Force Touch Moving to iPhone 6s

September 2, 2015 •

Among several features rumored for the upcoming iPhone 6s, Force Touch could change the way users interact with the device. Force Touch first debuted earlier this year on Apple Watch. Leaked parts suggest this same technology will most likely be featured on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.   Read More ››

iPhone 6s Internal Details Surface

August 28, 2015 •

iPhone is rumored to receive its annual upgrade this fall, after an official press event on September 9. If history is any indication, the upcoming iPhone will be termed the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The ‘s’ series phone line has come on the off-year since 2009. Traditionally, the ‘s’ year is one which doesn’t see […]   Read More ››