5 Weird Driving Laws You Never Knew Existed

Did you know it's illegal to drive black cars on Sunday or for female drivers to wear bathrobes? Here are five crazy driving laws you never knew existed.
5 Weird Driving Laws You Never Knew Exisited

Whether you have been driving for a few weeks or a few decades, you know there are plenty of laws governing the roads and automobiles we drive. Some drivers break these laws on a regular basis, sometimes on purpose, sometimes on accident. Be it rolling through a stop sign when no other cars are around, entering a turn lane more than 100 feet before the turn, or holding your cell phone while driving, any number of violations can result in a ticket or even arrest.

But there are some driving laws so odd that the average motorist isn’t even aware they are breaking them. Here are five of the strangest driving laws you never knew existed:

Driving in a bathrobe: Believe it or not, in California it is illegal for a woman to drive a car while wearing a bathrobe. Seems extreme for sure, even for California, but thankfully there’s no law mandating that your hair and makeup be done before getting behind the wheel.

Drivers must fire skyrockets: Here’s a law that obviously dates back to the early days of the automobile when cattle herding was still a thing. In Pennsylvania, there is a law on the books that requires drivers on country roads at night to stop every mile and shoot off a rocket signal, then wait ten minutes for livestock to clear from the road before continuing on.

Spitting from your car: While it is perfectly legal to spit from your truck in Georgia, the same, unfortunately, does not hold true for your car or a bus. Marietta, Georgia has a law prohibiting car owners and bus riders from spitting, while truck drivers are free to spit away.

Don’t run out a gas: Many of us have been in situations in which we’ve run out of gas — occasionally it’s a fake out while you are on a date. But in Youngstown, Ohio, running out of gas could land you in jail.

Avoid black cars on Sunday: Black cars are bad for many reasons: they show dirt easily and get too hot in the summer, just to name a few. But now you can add illegal to that list, at least in Denver anyway. Drivers in Denver can be pulled over and cited for driving black cars on Sunday.

Who knew such weird laws existed! There are many laws on the books that don’t make sense, especially when it comes to motor vehicles. What other weird driving laws have you heard of? Let us know!