5 Tips for Better Pictures from Your Android Phone


The best camera is the one you have in your hand. But, if that camera is the one on your Android phone, this can be less than ideal. A few tricks and tweaks can help you make the most of these smart phone shots.

Avoid Backlighting

With any camera, it’s important to keep your subject facing the light, but, it’s even more important with a phone’s camera. Most cameras on phones will turn an image black if it’s backlit. Try moving everyone around a bit to get the best lighting. You’ll find that you get far better images.

Increase Your Resolution

Low-resolution photos make it easier to send photos by text message. But, if you want to keep a photo to share online or even print, every pixel counts. Shoot with the highest resolution and highest jpeg quality possible.

Skip the Zoom

Standalone cameras often have lenses that allow them to physically zoom in, but, on your phone, you can only zoom digitally. Digital zoomjust increases the pixel size, which makes you lose resolution. Instead, step closer to your subject. If you need to crop, do it afterward on your laptop at home.

Experiment with Shooting Without Flash

Your camera’s flash is harsh and only washes out your photos. Try shooting without the flash in low-light situations and see if you get a better photo. If you find that you still need your flash, try putting a piece of tissue paper over it to reduce the amount of light that it emits.

Adjust Your Settings

Shooting in low light? Adjust your camera’s white balance first to get accurate color. You can also get clearer shots by turning on your Stable Shot setting. Get more vivid photos by adjusting your exposure. Many cameras also have auto settings that you can use to get the best results in situations that include low light, motion and close-up shots.

The camera on your phone is no replacement for a DSLR or even a high-end point and shoot. But, by using a few tips and tricks, you can make decent photos using the camera you are most likely to have at hand.