Predictions for New 2018 iPhones

Rumors for upcoming iPhones in 2018 include a new stylus, a version with a budget 6.1-inch screen and wireless charging capability.
Image via CNET

If you’re the type of person who is an early adopter and wants access to the latest in technology, including smartphones, you likely are already accustomed to checking out predictions for what Apple is up to with its forthcoming smartphones. Indeed, fans of Apple products know that rumors tend to swirl around the company’s release plans for iPhones, which helps to drum up interest beyond the effects of typical marketing campaigns.

With that in mind, industry observers have been noting that manufacturers for parts that go into Apple’s iPhone X have been seeing less demand than anticipated, indicating a possible slump in interest for the device, noted CNET. Accordingly, analysts are now looking ahead to what features might be available in new iPhones for 2018.

New Predictions for 2018 iPhones

Apple industry experts predict that the company may soon be releasing a novel iPhone that comes with a stylus. This might be something along the lines of the $99 pencil that Apple previously released for people to draw with their iPads, or a new, smaller and less expensive stylus. People who dislike typing but who also do not want to use speech recognition to transcribe what they’re saying may prefer to use a stylus with their budget iPhone later in 2018.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI predicted that Apple will release three versions of the iPhone in 2018, including a low-budget version with a 6.1-inch LCD screen costing perhaps $550, according to CNET. The price of a budget device might increase by $100 or $200 if customers order one with dual-SIM functionality or perhaps to add more storage.

What’s more, a rumored upgrade for an inexpensive iPhone SE 2 will include wireless charging (a feature only available on more expensive iPhones to date).

Staying Safer With Your New iPhone

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