GMC Acadia Dashboard Phone Mounts and Holders

July 27, 2016 •

GMC Acadia Dashboard Phone Mounts
If you’re looking for a vehicle that will fit your family, but a minivan just won’t fit your style, then the GMC Acadia might be what you are looking for. The GMC Acadia is a mid-size SUV crossover that can deliver the same transport and storage capacity of a minivan, while not taking up the same amount of space in your driveway as a full-size SUV or truck. This family-friendly vehicle offers three rows of seating and can fit up to eight passengers. It comes with the option of all-wheel drive and fold-away seats to increase driving power and storage capacity.

GMC Acadia Dashboard Phone Mounts

A strong and reliable vehicle should have a strong and reliable dashboard phone mount. We have been creating dashboard mounts for the GMC Acadia series going back to 2007. Our mounts are created with the optimal viewing position for your Acadia’s interior design in mind, so it looks like it was actually made by General Motors!

GMC Acadia center dashboard mount

Depending on the year of your GMC Acadia, and your personal preference, we offer three different mount locations listed below.

  • Center mount
  • Angled mount
  • Console mount

You can check out all of our GMC Acadia dashboard mounts here.

Universal and Custom Phone Holders

ProClip USA adjustable phone holdersSecuring your phone in the best possible way, while also helping to eliminate clutter and improve visibility that promotes safe driving habits is our top priority. That’s why we created our two-part mounting solution. Once you’ve selected the best mount location for your GMC Acadia, you will want to select the best phone holder to go with it. You have the option to choose a custom phone holder or a universal phone holder. We make a new phone holder for just about every phone on the market, but if you prefer to use a case on your phone or plan to share the mount with family members, our universal holders will provide the best solution. Our holders are available with or without charging, and come with a tilt swivel that allows you to position your phone in landscape or portrait viewing.