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The Best Universal Google Pixel XL Car Phone Holders

The Best Universal Google Pixel XL Car Phone Holders

November 14, 2016 •

If you’re switching over to the Google Pixel XL for what reviewers are calling a “pure Android experience,” you might consider another optimal experience with ProClip USA car mounts and phone holders. ProClip offers a variety of custom and adjustable Google Pixel XL car mount phone holders.   Read More ››

LG V20 Universal Car Phone Holders


November 11, 2016 •

True Android fans will rejoice over the latest LG flagship smartphone, the LG V20. This new phone comes with a lot of the classic Android features that made people fall in love with Android in the first place. Check out our selection of universal, adjustable holders for the LG V20.   Read More ››

Google Pixel Universal Car Phone Holders

Google Pixel Universal Car Phone Holders

November 4, 2016 •

Google stepped up its game with the latest flagship smartphone, Google Pixel. The new Google Pixel is definitely making a name for itself in the smartphone realm, and Apple and Samsung have a serious competitor to watch out for. Google Pixel is the first true smartphone created by Google.   Read More ››

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Universal Car Phone Holders


October 23, 2016 •

Are you looking to get a new smartphone? Unless you are a loyal Apple fan, you can’t go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. If you want a smartphone that can offer you all the bells and whistles, this is the phone for you. Every great phone deserves a great car phone mount. That’s why we offer the best adjustable phone holder for the S7 edge.   Read More ››