Google Rolling Out Upgrades for Google Assistant

Google Assistant is being upgraded with location-based reminders and the ability to let users make customized commands for multiple tasks.
Google Assistant

If you use Google Assistant in your home, you’ll be glad to learn the manufacturer has recently announced plans to upgrade its Home device with a couple of new features. Users will be able to create their own customized commands, as well as take advantage of location-based reminders.

About Google Assistant

Google Assistant was launched by Google in 2016. It runs on Google smartphones, Android Wear, Android TV and Google Home devices. Google Home smart speakers are the entry point for many home consumers, but Google Assistant also works with other devices made by third parties, such as Philips Hue devices for creating customized lighting conditions in your house.

New Upgrade

One new feature in this latest upgrade is Routines, which was first previewed by Google in October 2017. It is designed to let end users connect multiple commands into a single new command.

For example, you could utter “OK Google, I’m back,” as your new customized command, which would then cause the device to turn up the thermostat, play news or music, and turn on lights in the living room. This is an example of a feature that was already made available by the competing Amazon Echo device and its virtual assistant named Alexa last September, noted a report from TechCrunch.

The other main new feature in this upgrade is location-based reminders. People who use Google Assistant on their Android smartphones already got this feature. But those using Google Home smart speakers can now use it for domestic tasks.

In one example, you tell the Google Home smart speaker to remind you to purchase milk the next time you go to a grocery store. The location services in your connected Android smartphone will detect when you enter your favorite market and will prompt you to buy milk, just when you need the information.

While the Google Home speaker itself stays in your home (in one location), you can use the new location reminders by talking to the speaker to keep you on track when you’re out and about with other tasks.

People who already use Google Assistant should get more out of their devices thanks to the upgrade. If you haven’t used Google Assistant yet, now would be a good time to check out its latest capabilities on your Android smartphone, Google Home, and other devices.

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