Unprecedented iPhone 12 Leak and More 2020 Hardware Details

In two completely unprecedented leaks, it is widely believed we already know the exact form factor and upgrades for the Fall 2020 iPhone 12.
iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is expected to have a completely overhauled design, given the iPhone 6 and iPhone X designs are beginning to age. While the iPhone SE 2020 edition carries the iPhone 6 design forward at least another year, it is expected the iPhone X form factor will be getting a sizable refresh. This week, two videos courtesy of everythingapplepro confirm a new design. Take a peak at the details.

iPhone 12 Leak

Everything down to the bezels appear to be completely overhauled on the iPhone 12, if these leaks are coming true. Everythingapplepro claims the CAD file has been provided from the supply chain and allowed him to 3D print a replica version of the iPhone 12. Using the CAD, 3D renders of the device show off a larger, more square design.

Prominent changes include the 2018 iPad Pro inspired edges, that are reminiscent of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 devices. As sharp edge gives way to sharp, flat sides and flat front and back, save the camera bump, this design is clearly the culmination of every previous iPhone. iPhone 12 will utilize the same, or maybe slightly upgraded, cameras found on the iPhone 11 Pro but with the addition of the LiDAR scanner found on the 2020 iPad Pro. This would also require a relocation of the mic and flash.

iPhone 12 is anticipated to utilize the same front facing camera, facial sensor, flood lights, and speaker array, but the module is tucked higher on the screen. This allows the speaker to be housed within the smaller bezel, require less screen real estate for the barrage of sensors, and decidedly shrink the oft-hated “notch.” This is showcased in the video below.

It appears one of the biggest unknowns will be the Smart Connector, that is currently showing in the CADs. A newer rumor pegs the Smart Connector for 2021, but if it is included, expect it to offer some kind of charging alternative or perhaps a way to interact with accessories.

The newer screen is expected to stretch 6.7”, above the current 6.5” iPhone Pro Max. This would make the iPhone 12 the largest iPhone to date. A new color way may be expected in Midnight Blue, replacing the Midnight Green of 2019.

Additional 2020 Apple Hardware

Longtime Apple tipster Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, indicates the new iPad Pro (2020) and iPhone SE are just the beginning of an Apple planned 2020 hardware extravaganza, despite having initial troubles with the supply chain, due to COVID-19.

Headphone/AirPods: https://t.co/C2RLdiGfdl, AppleTV/iMac/MBP/iPads: https://t.co/ofoDpgzuyv 5G iPhones/HomePod/Tags: https://t.co/H66Q8tUEsM TouchID: https://t.co/tuH0Xsaqwi, ARM Macs: https://t.co/zxkyfOlBdk MicroLED facility https://t.co/qygVIKpLb7

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) April 19, 2020

As shown in the Tweet above, Apple is expected to be quite busy. Anticipate updates to the iPad Air but the rest of Apple gadgets Gurman mentions, seem to be sizable form factor upgrades. The new MacBook Pro is expected to be a sizable upgrade to the current 13” …making it a 14” much like the 15” moving to 16” last year. The iMac is possibly receiving the same treatment, moving from 21.5” to 24”. New Apple Watches may include a blood oxygen sensor. HomePod mini would be a new, smaller device. Apple TV is anticipating a full overhaul, possibly launching with an Apple branded gaming controller. Over the ear headphones with swappable color matching headbands will be Apple’s first over the ear design outside of the BEATS brand. All new AirTags are said to rival the functionality on Tile’s GPS location tracker, but with global abilities and augmented reality functions.

Look for Apple to have a jam packed fall and if the rumor mill and leaks are already this fruitful, we should be able to highlight even more details, more often. Stay tuned!