How Much Cheaper Will Electric Vehicles Get?

How Much Cheaper Will Electric Vehicles Get?

September 26, 2016 •

After several false starts, (no GM, we haven’t forgotten the EV1,) electric vehicles are finally gaining some traction. According to Bloomberg, in 2015 some 462,000 electric cars were sold around the world. That’s a big number but still only accounts for about 1 percent of total light vehicle sales. Fans of internal combustion don’t have much to worry about, but that could change if electric vehicles become more affordable. And a highly credible report suggests that’s going to happen.   Read More ››

[Video] How to Install Your Chevy Volt Car Phone Mount

How to Install Your Chevrolet Volt Car Mount

July 28, 2016 •

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular in mainstream America, delivering noticeable savings at the pump. ProClip is happy to announce that the wait is over – mounts for the Chevrolet Volt are now in production for the newest model and dashboard configuration. Watch how easy it is to install our vehicle mounts.   Read More ››

Whatever Happened to Fuel Cell Vehicles

What ever happened to fuel cell vehicles

May 8, 2016 •

Remember fuel cell vehicles (FCV’s)? They were going to solve all the problems of battery-powered electric cars, once the development was done. What happened instead was Tesla. Musk, and some of his competitors got serious about making practical electric vehicles (EV’s) and today there’s hardly any mention of FVCs.   Read More ››