Samsung Announces Galaxy Tab S6 as a Competitor to the iPad Pro

July 31, 2019 •

Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Announces Galaxy Tab S6

Ahead of announcing the upcoming Galaxy Note 10, Samsung has unveiled their newest high-end Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab S6. The Android tablet market has never really managed to compete with Apple’s iPads, but this powerful machine paired with Samsung’s DeX could prove to be the perfect tablet for your everyday life.

Samsung’s Best Tablet Yet

The new Galaxy Tab S6 will include a Snapdragon 855 processor, giving it an 80% CPU boost over the Galaxy Tab S4. The 7,040 mAh battery should last for 15 hours to get you through a workday without needing a charge. The body of the tablet measures at a slim 5.7mm that is lighter and more portable than the previous Tab S4. The tablet receives an upgrade in cameras, with a dual-camera system featuring a standard and wide-angle lens. Much like the iPad Pro, it includes a magnetic strip to hold the newly redesigned S Pen.

An Updated S Pen Stylus

The signature Samsung S Pen has been redesigned for the Tab S6. It now includes remote control functionality and wireless charging capabilities. It allows users a new variety of gestures for taking selfies, video controls or controlling other multimedia when the tablet is out of your hands. The S Pen delivers 10 hours of battery life with just 10 minutes of wireless charging.

Do it All with DeX

Samsung DeX allows you to turn your Samsung tablet or phone into a desktop-like computer. The Galaxy Tab S6 comes with a new-and-improved version called Samsung DeX3. The Tab S6’s new book cover keyboard includes a DeX function key allowing you to launch DeX quickly and efficiently. The keyboard also includes an S Pen holder, touch pad and can be used to position the tablet at any angle.

The Tab S6 will be available in gray, blue and blush with WiFi-only or LTE available. The base model has 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM for a starting price of $650. It will be available for preorder on August 23, 2019 and in stores September 6. We will have ProClip tablet holders available for the Tab S6 shortly after the release.