Honda Civic Sales Surge as other Automakers Abandon Cars

The Honda Civic is still in demand partially due to other automakers' focus on capturing the SUV and truck markets and abandoning the traditional sedan.
Honda Civic

Head out to your local car dealership and you will likely find an abundance of sport utility vehicles, trucks, a few diminutive sedans and little else. Most of those in the auto industry insist the average person is losing interest in the traditional sedan. In fact, automakers such as Ford and GM are paring back their vehicle production to primarily produce trucks and sport utility vehicles as opposed to conventional sedans.

Honda’s Recent Sales Success

Honda brand enjoyed a 20% sales spike in recent months following an extended period of being in the red. The sales rebound was spearheaded by the increasing popularity of the automaker’s Civic model and CR-V compact crossover model. All in all, CR-V sales spiked nearly 30% compared to the same period of time in 2018. A total of 44,235 CR-Vs have been sold this year. The company’s Passport crossover also reached record sales. The icing on the cake is the fact that the Honda HR-V just turned in its best August sales numbers to date.

The Honda Civic is in Demand

Of all the Honda vehicles that have experienced a sales resurgence, it is the Civic that has proven particularly surprising with its eye-opening 26% sales increase this past August. Civic sales are up 1.3% across the initial eight months of the year. A whopping 50% of Honda sales through August were Civics. However, sales of the Civic have not reached the record highs established after the debut of the automaker’s ’16 models. However, deliveries are up 1.3% so far through August.

It is clear Honda’s mantra of “Cars Matter” is ringing true. While GM and Ford abandon traditional passenger cars, the Civic keeps on selling. The little-known truth is the masses still desire passenger vehicles. The Civic has proven particularly popular as it is available in coupe, hatchback and sedan form. Perhaps most importantly, each variation of the Civic is affordable for those in the middle class. Honda is in the catbird seat as competitors narrow their focus on trucks and sport utility vehicles. With few sedan options available on the market, Americans and others throughout the world are turning to the Honda Civic. In fact, nearly one in five passenger cars sold in the United States is a Civic.

Will the Trend Continue?

The Civic will likely prove quite popular in the years ahead simply because it is affordable, aesthetically pleasing and built to last. Though the model is somewhat late in its lifecycle, it is still the top vehicle for United States residents who are first-time auto buyers as well as multicultural auto-seekers and the widely coveted millennial age cohort. In other words, the Civic is here to stay.

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