Does Dragon Anywhere Take Better Dictation than Siri?

Dragon Everywhere App

June 27, 2016 •

If you often find yourself using your iPhone or iPad to dictate large amounts of text, you will want to consider switching over to the Dragon Anywhere app instead of working with Siri. Apple’s built-in virtual assistant Siri records shorter amounts of text but it is accessible whenever you use a keyboard, while Dragon Anywhere only works in the app itself.   Read More ››

Understanding Vehicle Safety Ratings

Understanding Vehicle Safety Ratings

June 17, 2016 •

Two organizations test vehicles for crashworthiness, the NHTSA and the IHSS. The results help car buyers make informed decisions about which vehicle will suit them best, but safety ratings are complicated. That’s a pity when they’re so important. So, how do you make sense of the scores?   Read More ››