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Android Watches: Generation Three Has Advantages

May 19, 2015 •

Android watches are in their third generation now. While the Apple Watch’s recent release has been accompanied with plenty of fanfare, its youth is evident in a side-by-side comparison with Android. Here’s a look at five things you can do with Android watches that you cannot the Apple’s first-generation smartwatch.

Apple TV Rumor Volume Increases


May 13, 2015 •

Apple TV has not received a refresh since 2012, but the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event could announce new hardware and a streaming TV service.

Apple Watch and Apps Now Available

Apple Watch Green Digital Face Only

May 1, 2015 •

Friday, April 24, Apple’s newest flagship device launched to the public. Amid a flurry of pre-order troubles, it appears the device is actually shipping on time. Immediately following the April 10 pre-order date, supplies dwindled into the July timeframe. Even initial orders were merely given a delivery window estimate of April 24 – May 8. View Article