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Apple Watch Battery Life Drains Expectations

January 26, 2015 •

On Thursday, January 22, 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, released interesting information from sources indicating the Apple Watch battery may not even last a day. Mark Gurman also provided the full Apple Watch companion app breakdown from our previous article. While Apple Watch functionality is much more clear, operability remains to be seen. Specifically, how long will Apple Watch operate without a charge.

Mobile Photography in 2015


January 22, 2015 •

The latest phones and apps have made mobile photography better than it has ever been before. Take a look at what 2015 has to offer smartphone photo bugs.

New iPhone App Reveals Apple Watch Features

Apple Watch Sport

January 16, 2015 •

One of the biggest questions remaining about Apple Watch was how dependent the device and it’s features will be on an iPhone. After the latest discoveries, it appears the answer is ‘almost completely.’

3 Reasons You Still Need a Smartphone


January 14, 2015 •

Do you still need a smartphone? Wired Magazine recently made a surprising recommendation: never buy a smartphone again. Here are reasons why you shouldn’t throw your phone out quite yet.