Why the Ford F-150 is One of America’s Favorite Vehicles

November 10, 2016 •

Why the Ford F-150 is One of America's Favorite Vehicles(Image via Ford Media Center)

Americans first experienced the Ford F-150 in 1948. It’s been a national best-seller ever since, even being rated as the world’s most popular vehicle. The F-150 has gone strong for over 30 years, and it’s also the best-selling pickup truck in America. In its latest generation, the F-150 isn’t slowing down. It’s had a lot of variation in previous years, including off-road models, luxury renditions and a much-wanted curb weight reduction of 700 pounds. The Ford F-150 has had a good run, and it’s deserved for a few reasons.

An Honest, Robust Nature

Primarily, the Ford F-150’s popularity is due to its incredible honesty. Regardless of which veneer Ford planners have chosen, the F-150 is a tough, all-American pickup truck. It’s reliable, and it’s promoted by Ford’s caring nature. Ford, itself, puts on over 10 million miles into a new F-150 model before releasing it.

Sheer Ruggedness

Well-known as a national favorite in the off-roading department, the F-150 can haul loads through mountains, across deserts and through the mud. Capable of withstanding temperatures of 120 and -20 degrees Fahrenheit, the Ford F-150 is historically a go-to machine for America’s travel lovers.


The Ford F-150 is historically popular due to its incredible reliability, too. As if shocks, springs, a 440-gallon tank and high-speed potential weren’t enough, Ford has repeatedly outfitted the line for structural upgrades.

Fuel Efficiency

The Ford F-150’s previous two incarnations paid homage to the ever-present “fuel problem” suffered by American drivers. Ford adopted military-grade aluminum alloys to cut 700 pounds from the F-150’s curb weight. The result: A massively increased fuel economy. Ford’s similarly innovative 3.5-liter turbocharged engine, EcoBoost, has maintained the model’s strength and power. The F-150 can generate up to 420 pound-feet of torque and 365 horsepower. In the world of big trucks, few can compare to the F-150’s achieved 26 mpg on highways.

Is the Ford F-150 deserving of its critical acclaim? Yes. Perhaps it’s the model’s weight reduction, it’s monstrous hauling potential or its year-to-year upgrades, but the F-150 deserves the spotlight it’s achieved. America chose correctly, and the F-150 isn’t expected to leave us. Ford is persistent in its ways, updating and outfitting its loved models for the public. The F-150’s future is unclear, but one thing is certain: It’s going to be a bright one.

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