What to Expect from the Red Hydrogen Two

July 29, 2019 •

RED Hydrogen Two

Image via Mashable

After the disappointment of Red Hydrogen ONE, Red Hydrogen TWO has a lot to make up for. The Red Hydrogen ONE was an overall failure: heavy, clunky, and by all accounts strange to use. The holographic gimmick of the device came off as unnatural to many, and overall the specifications weren’t on par with other phones in its price range. But the Hydrogen TWO may yet redeem the line.

The Red Hydrogen TWO is Designed Virtually from Scratch

The failure of Red Hydrogen ONE has been largely blamed on the original design manufacturer. To avoid future problems, a new ODM has been selected, and the Hydrogen TWO has been redesigned and re-developed from scratch. This device is going to be different from the Red Hydrogen ONE in virtually every aspect, and those who were initially excited about the Hydrogen ONE may find a lot to love in the Hydrogen TWO.

A New Camera Sensor Has Been Designed In-House

One of the major flaws in the Red Hydrogen ONE is that the camera wasn’t able to perform up to its previous specifications. The Hydrogen TWO will feature a new camera sensor, which has been designed in-house to work with both Hydrogen ONE and Hydrogen TWO. This camera won’t be as impressive as the higher levels of the Red line, but will nevertheless be able to provide cinema grade images. This new design is called Komodo.

Hydrogen ONE Owners Will Have Preferential Purchasing

Hydrogen ONE owners will be able to get the Hydrogen TWO earlier as well as the additional camera module. It’s been hinted that not only will they be able to get preferential delivery, but that they may get discounted prices on the new model. The pricing of the Hydrogen TWO has not yet been set, and the extensiveness of the discount isn’t known.

While the release date of the Hydrogen TWO has not yet been set, it appears that at least the design and development is well underway. Those who were interested in the Red Hydrogen ONE or those who purchased the Hydrogen ONE will hopefully find that the Hydrogen TWO is able to offer a significant upgrade.

Consumers may not know whether the ODM was the true problem with the ONE until the TWO is released. What is known is that significant work is being done to improve upon the camera technology.