What to Do With Your Old ProClip USA Car Phone Mounts

September 4, 2012 •

Phones and TabletsHow many old iPhones or other smartphones do you have stored somewhere in your house?

With new iPhone and Android phones being released more than ever before, we’re guessing you’ve gone through quite a few phones and other mobile devices just in the last five years.

Chances are, you probably have a few phone mounts for your car buried in your closet.

What to Do With Old Car Phone and Vehicle Mounts
So what do you do with these old mounts?

Besides collecting dust in the garage, consider selling your old mounts. While you may be up-to-date with all of the latest and greatest in new gadgets, not everyone can be as cool as you. Once you upgrade to the iPhone 5 and get yourself a new mount, there will be plenty of people still glad to hold on to their iPhone 4 or 4S.

Earn yourself some money and sell your old mounts!

Where to Sell Your Old Car Phone and Vehicle Mounts
Amazon and eBay are two of the top places to sell your used treasures. You can ask for a fixed price or open up the floor to bids. Do a search for other people selling the same or similar products to help you get an idea of how to price your used mounts.

Utilize Vehicle Forums
Another great place to sell your mounts is on forums. We hear many of our customers are avid users of forums for their vehicle make or mobile device brand.

People use these to not only discuss their vehicles and phones, but also to recommend (like this XDA Developers forum thread), review (like this Camaro 5 forum thread) and sell add-ons and accessories, such as ProClip mounts.

If you’re an Audi driver, hop onto an Audi forum and you might find someone looking for a used Audi mount which happens to be the exact model and year you are selling! While you’re there, you may even find another great conversation you want to jump in and join.

BONUS Tip – What to Do With Your Old iPhones
TechCrunch shared a price comparison of iPhone trade-in programs done by ZDNet. Check out the various programs by Amazon, eBay, Gazelle and others to find your best deal.