What is Google Fi and How To Get It

August 4, 2015 •


Google Fi is a new phone service program that is just being rolled out by Google. Google Fi offers unlimited talk and text for just $20 per month! Does this sounds too good to be true? Or are you already considering making the switch? While Google’s new phone service plan is a great option for many people trying to cut their phone bills (who isn’t) there are a few things to consider before taking the Google Fi plunge. For starters, Google Fi is currently only available by invite for those with a Gmail email address during their Early Action Program.

Unlimited talk and text
Unlimited talk and text for only $20 per month is possible because this new service will use WiFi whenever possible. That is, the phone will automatically move your call from cellular networks over to WiFi whenever an open network is found. When you make a call while running around town, the call will use cellular networks. As you approach a business with an open WiFi network, the call will use that data connection. When you leave that business, and are still on the phone, the call will move back over to the cellular network. This seamless transition between networks and the ubiquity of WiFi allows Google to keep costs low for this unlimited talk and text plan.

Don’t pay for unused data
With Google Fi, addition data can be add onto your phone plan for just $10 per GB. Better still, you don’t pay for any unused data. For example, if you only use 0.6 GB of data, you will only be charged $6. The remaining $4 will be credited back to your bill for the next month. Additionally, you can add more data to your plan at any time – and for the same rate. Typical phone plans require you to guess how much data you will use at the beginning of the month in order to secure a low rate per gigabyte. With Google Fi, data always costs $10 per GB and you only pay for the data you actually use.

Plan to buy a new phone
From these early stages, it appears the main drawback to signing up with Google Fi is that you will need a Google Nexus 6 phone. Google is currently limiting this service to its own flagship device. A Nexus 6 smartphone will run you $499 for the 32 GB smartphone and $549 for 64 GB version – both versions have been recently discounted by Google for an unspecified amount of time. There is also an option to pay for this phone over the course of two years when you sign up for Google Fi. This can increase your monthly phone bill by $20.79 per month when you get the 32 GB phone – and there is no interest or financing fee.