We’ve Grown Our Partnership with Motorola Solutions as an Independent Hardware Vendor!

July 11, 2013 •

We recently expanded our offerings in Motorola Solutions’ Independent Hardware Vendor (IHV) Program. We now offer more Mobile Computing holders under this program.

Motorola Solutions IHV Program

IHV is a Motorola Solutions program for developing and marketing third-party products and components that enhance the use of Motorola devices. IHV Partners develop accessories with Motorola’s support to promote advanced Mobile Computing solutions.

We started our partnership in the IHV program two years ago. At that time, we only offered vehicle charging holders for the MC9500. We now offer charging holders for other Motorola devices: MC55, MC65, MC67, MC70, MC75 and the ET1 tablet.

As part of the IHV program, we have what is called Motorola Solutions Compatible Status. This means that all ProClip holders in the IHV Program are thoroughly tested for compliance and functionality and these holders will not hinder the performance of the Motorola device.

Given the large number of mobile computers offered by Motorola and because our holders are device-specific, you can guess we have many Motorola mobile computing holders. Because of that, eight of the most popular Motorola holders we offer have been added to the IHV program as Holders with Motorola Solutions Compatible Status.

We have been working with Motorola for some time now. Being in the IHV Program is great for us and for our customers because it makes it easier for us to offer advanced Motorola mobile computing solutions.