Wet Phones, DryBox

February 4, 2014 •


A new solution promises to save your smartphone from its watery submersion. DryBox is a new upstart company that hopes to save water logged phones and offer a more affordable option, once a device takes a dip.

Prior to DryBox’s new service, users were left with a limited number of options when attempting to dry a phone. Several of these options include, taking the phone apart to dry, using a hair dryer, placing it in a bag of rice, sticking it into the refrigerator, or any number of other folktale remedies. Typically, consumers are left to pay full price for a new phone, sign contract for a subsidies, or pay extensive deductibles, if an accidental policy was purchased.


Without giving away too many secrets, DryBox Rescue is a patent-pending chamber, designed to dry electronic devices at the molecular level. This brief description is all DryBox cares to share publicly on their website, but their new plan is getting lots of positive attention. If the inevitable happens, DryBox recommends the following steps:

  1. Remove the battery, if possible
  2. Do not charge the device or power it back on
  3. Do not place the device in rice
  4. Bring the device and charger to a DryBox Rescue location immediately
  5. The patent-pending system can restore devices in minutes

DryBox mentions several times, placing a device in rice is a terrible idea. Doing so can draw starch away from the rice and into the device as the water evaporates. Also notable, is the 5th claim, which states DryBox can restore devices, but makes no guarantee.

Currently, DryBox Rescue locations report an 80% success rate, if dried within 36 hours of submersion. The process takes less than 30 minutes and does guarantee a completely dry device, but not necessarily a working one.

Additionally, DryBox makes no mention of the service fee. However, it is a safe assumption this is much cheaper than paying large deductibles or for a new device. Unfortunately, service centers are currently scattered across the United States at less than ideal distances. The company encourages would-be customers to check the updated database regularly to determine where the closest DryBox is located.