Weather on Wheels App Rebuilt with Improved Interface for Instant Access to Latest Information

July 24, 2017 •

Weather on Wheels

Are you excited about your upcoming road trip this summer? To get the most out of your time on the road, it pays to be aware of current and predicted weather conditions. Instead of tuning into the local news, you can use the Weather on Wheels app, which has been recently rebuilt with a new interface.

Using the Weather on Wheels App for Road Trips and Other Vacations

There’s nothing like hitting the open road and heading for a new location that you have been dreaming of seeing in person. However, you do not want unexpected weather conditions to put a damper on your trip.

Weather on Wheels is great for planning activities while at home as well as when traveling. The app enables you to review the latest weather predictions before you head out. All you do is enter your starting point, your destination and the time your trip will start. The app automatically shows you weather forecasts for each section of your route.

You can then revise details of your trip, such as the starting time, to see which plan will give you the best road conditions. The app lets you compare the forecasted weather for different routes.

Icons indicating poor weather conditions will appear along the route. Each icon shows live data, providing you with the projected arrival time, temperature, chances of rain and wind speed for your planned trip.

With the latest update, the developers have built a new endpoint interface for streamlining how weather information is delivered to your Android device. Now, you will instantly know if new weather details are available on the map or if you need to wait for a refresh.

As the app automatically refreshes every 15 minutes, you can get hands-free updates without relying on a passenger to dig up this information manually.

With so many distracted drivers endangering others out on the road, it’s crucial that you avoid picking up your device while behind the wheel. You know that it’s illegal and unsafe to drive while holding your smartphone while commuting or going for a road trip. For greater convenience and safety, it’s best to place your device in a vehicle dashboard mount.