We Teamed Up with iOmounts to Create a New Car Mounting Solution!

September 12, 2013 •

ProClip has just started a new partnership with iOmounts. Together we released a new car mounting solution that pairs ProClip and iOmounts technology!

iOmountsWe have always been fans of iOmounts. They have a super sleek design for wall mounts and table stands. Since we’re all about a sleek, custom look for the dashboard, we are thrilled to collaborate with iOmounts on this project.

iOmounts sells two-part stands and wall mounts for smartphones and tablets. The two parts consist of a thin adapter (iOadapt™) that attaches to the mobile device and a magnetic carrier (iOcore™) that will hold the phone/tablet with adapter.

New Two-Part Car Mounting Solution
As you know, the ProClip is also a two-part solution. The two-part nature of each of these products lends well to a combined mounting setup. The new mounting solution uses the iOmounts core and the ProClip vehicle-specific dashboard mount. The result is a sleek car phone mount called the iOauto™.

There are two kits offered with this setup.

The first kit includes one ProClip USA mounting base and one iOmounts Direct Core (iOauto™) that allows users to view their phone/tablet in portrait or landscape mode.


iOauto Pro™
The second kit includes one ProClip USA mounting base and a Semi-Sphere with Direct Core called the iOauto Pro™. In addition to rotation between portrait and landscape, the Semi-Sphere also allows the driver or passenger to angle the phone/tablet as needed.

iOauto Pro

You can find the iOauto™ Kits online at iOmounts.ProClipUSA.com

More Kits to Come
Powered by iOmountsWe will be releasing more Kits with this same paired technology. The other Kits will replace the dashboard mount with a suction cup mount or a handlebar mount. These kits will be for bicycles, motorcycles or golf carts.