Signs Your Warehouse Needs to Invest in Technology

April 12, 2018 •


If your warehouse workers are still using a clipboard and notepad to track your inventory, it is time for an overhaul. Technology advancements abound in the supply and manufacturing sectors. Yet some office managers and business leaders need convincing about the true value of these technologies. After all, you will need to invest financially and time-wise in order to gain the most out of technology in your warehouse. To help you make the right decision, consider these signs that your warehouse can benefit from an investment in technology.

Missed Shipping Deadlines

Do your warehouse employees consistently miss shipping deadlines? If you have ruled out issues with management or productivity, it is time to seriously consider an update to your warehousing system. If workers cannot locate a product or pallet when it is time to ship these out to distributors or customers, warehousing technology can help tremendously. By using technologies including RFID and tracking, your employees can use handheld devices to easily locate product when they need it. This is essential to shaving time off of order fulfillment while making your workers’ job a little easier to achieve.

Miscalculated Inventory

When it comes time to calculate your total inventory–either for your accountant, insurance company or for production purposes–accuracy matters. Yet if you have been using a paper-and-pencil calculation process, chances are there are mistakes you will not be able to track until it is too late. This can put your business at financial risk due to an inaccurate value of your assets. As a significant asset, your inventory must be monitored at all times.

Here is where warehousing technology offers the greatest gains. You can be 100% accurate about the value of your inventory on any given day when you have the right technology in place. This tech involves a combination of data entry and tracking software to manage inventory as it enters and exits the warehouse.

Finding the Right Tech Accessories

Whether you need to upgrade your warehouse technology to track product or to manage your inventory, your warehouse workers will need the right tech accessories. Here at ProClip, we manufacture premium mounting devices designed for keeping mobile devices safe and secure. Check out our extensive line of rugged forklift and warehouse mounting solutions to get started with upgrading your warehouse.