How to Use the New Portrait Mode in Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus

November 9, 2016 •

Using the New Portrait Mode in Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus
It’s likely that some of the photos you take with your iPhone are pretty casual, such as candid shots of you having fun with friends or family. However, some photos call for a bit more attention to detail and an artistic touch.

To that end, Apple’s new iPhone 7 Plus features a new option called Portrait Mode. It enables you to take pictures with a depth of field that is shallower than what you could achieve with previous iPhone models. Portrait Mode is not available with the regular iPhone 7. Read on for details about Portrait Mode and how to use it.

Understanding Portrait Mode

The iPhone 7 Plus boasts two cameras on the back, and the device will combine imagery from both cameras to give your pictures a better sense of the depth of field in your scene. The background appears blurry, while the subject in the foreground appears sharp and crisp.

Apple achieves this by using the wide-angle lens to shoot one image and the telephoto lens to take a second image at the same time. The software automatically recognizes people in the image and combines them with a blurred version of the background to give you a better sense of the depth of field.

An example is shooting a photo in the woods. The smiling person appearing in front of you will be in focus and vibrant, while the trees in the background are subdued, giving a subtle effect that shows they are far away.

Tips for Using Portrait Mode with Your iPhone 7 Plus

Launch the Camera app on your iPhone 7 Plus and then slide the option to Portrait mode to get started.

  • Try to position your images in brightly lit settings to get the best portraits of each person you shoot with the iPhone 7 Plus.
  • When shooting two or three people in a scene, ask them to line up so that they will appear equally sharp and in focus when using Portrait Mode.
  • Keep in mind that the farther away the subject of your photo is from the background, the blurrier the background image will be, noted Pocket Lint. You can further showcase the difference by striving for contrasting colors in subject and background.

With a little practice, some inspiration and the camera technology on the iPhone 7 Plus, you will have the perfect recipe to become a better photographer.