[Infographic] Tough Sleeve: Your Tablet Solution for Superior Protection and Charging

ProClip USA's Tough Sleeve is an all-in-one solution for your tablet of choice. The shock absorbing design protects your tablet from bumps and drops up to 6 feet!
Tough Sleeve Protective Tablet Enclosure with Integrated Charging

Tablets have become a valued tool in day-to-day business operations. They carry important functionalities that make it easier for workers to go about their daily duties. Once you’ve chosen the right tablet, the next decision is finding a way to keep that investment safe. This is where ProClip USA comes in. ProClip’s Tough Sleeves keep tablets protected in the workplace and while on the road.

Tough Sleeve Tablet Holder

Tough Sleeves from ProClip USA are an all-in-one solution for your tablet of choice. The Tough Sleeve features a shock absorbing design that completely encapsulates and protects the tablet while also providing integrated power. This product is custom-designed to give your tablet a rugged enclosure and protect it from frequent use as well repetitive docking and un-docking. Whether you transfer your tablet from vehicle to vehicle or vehicle to office, the Tough Sleeve is designed with your needs in mind.

Tough Sleeve Features

  • Custom fit to your device
  • Rugged design for commercial use
  • Lined with bumpers in the inner wall to protect from drops
  • Drop-tested from 6 feet with no damage to the device
  • Provides full access to all buttons, ports and features of your tablet
  • Sliding Power Block docking interface for easy mounting and quick-release removal with integrated charging
  • Encapsulated power cord to eliminate vibration and friction, ensuring the charging port stays functional
  • Key-locking option available
  • Made from high-grade ABS and ACETAL
  • Available for a variety of tablets, including Samsung Tabs, Windows Tablets, and Apple iPad

Check out the infographic below for more information about ProClip USA’s Tough Sleeves.

Tough Sleeve

Mounting a Tough Sleeve Holder

ProClip USA’s Tough Sleeves are made tough. The inner wall is lined with bumpers to protect your device from drops. This product was even drop-tested from 6 feet with no damage to the device. Our Tough Sleeve holders attach to ProClip pedestal mounts and heavy-duty vehicle dashboard mounts to provide a complete mounting solution for commercial fleets and warehouse professionals.

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