Best Photo Apps for Android and iPhone

July 18, 2014 •

iphone-android-camerasMobile photography is more than just filters today, and developers have created apps that help you create, edit, publish, share and print beautiful images more simply than ever. With a plethora of photo apps available, choosing the few that work best for you can be quite overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together an A-list collection of the best photo apps available, for both Android and iPhone users.

Edit like a Professional

Editing mobile images have come a long way! For those who want to create realistic, professional quality edited photos from your smartphone, you may want to access your favorite desktop photo editor on the go. The Photoshop Express app is a watered-down version of the traditional, but with all the features you’re used to, including brightness, contrast, exposure and saturation, to name a few. Get even more sophisticated with the Photoshop Touch app – it will cost you $4.99, but it features access to your Creative Cloud account and even the ability to edit in layers. Both are available for Android and iPhone.


Creating Artistic Photos

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you will notice that mastering the mobile photo is truly an art form. Give your photos a creative edge with a double exposure effect or a unique filter. Add graphic detail with a typographic message and really express yourself. We couldn’t find one great app in this class that was available for both Android and iPhone, but the two listed below are very similar and will give both users creative license. Both apps allows you to layer and merge photos both in your gallery and as you take them. Both apps feature the ability to add dynamic filters and text to create a stylized, graphic effect that will set your Instagram friends into a jealous frenzy.

BlendPic -Free with upgrades available for purchase. Available for Android.

InstaBlend – Free with upgrades available for purchase. Available for iPhone.


Publish and Share Your Photos

Those in the know VSCO. Take editing, publishing and displaying your photos to the next level with VSCO Cam and VSCO Grid, free for Android and iPhone. Build an online presence through the mobile app, which lays out your photos beautifully on a minimalist, blog-style template, which is also accessible through a customized URL. Add text to further tell your photo story. Share individual photos or your entire gallery via social media or email. VSCO’s vision was to create an app for true photo enthusiasts – as in the ways of Instagram’s earlier days – we think they have done it. VSCO’s camera comes with an array of beautiful preset filters which can be customized to tint, fade, vignette, brighten and much, much more. The app also features a store for purchasing additional preset “collections” or individual preset styles for a nominal price.



Many of today’s smartphones come with cameras that can rival most any point and shoot, so why stick to viewing your photo creations only online? We recommend using the Walgreens App for printing your photos. It’s super easy to use and competitively priced compared to other apps. And, Walgreens is probably right down the street anyway, so why not! Plus, you can pick up your prints, photo cards, etc. in about an hour!