Top 10 App Store Apps of 2016

December 28, 2016 •

Top 10 App Store Apps of 2016
Apple recently announced the “Best-of” list for 2016. One of the very closely watched categories is the Top Apps of 2016, in which the App Store gurus provide a curated list of the most used or innovative app designs from the past year.

Inside, we highlight Apple’s Top 10 Apps of 2016 list, provide downloadable links to each entry, and give a blurb about the selections. If you are looking for the hottest new apps, check out what 2016 had to offer your iOS devices.

Top 10 Apps of 2016

Download: Prisma (Free)


Prisma transforms your photos into works of art, using filters mimicking Munk and Picasso. The app touts modern art filters, photo effects, fast sharing, and a geo-location based sharing feed. Allowing for easy discovery and sharing to other social networks, Prisma images popped up on many social feeds throughout 2016, making it the best app of 2016, according to Apple.

Download: MSQRD (Free)


Like the top app of the year, MSQRD offers masks and photo effects. Specifically tailored to ‘masquerade,’ the app covers your face with the mask of your choice or can face swap with another person. The app offers quick ways to share photos or videos, even the option to live broadcast via Facebook with your mask!

Download: Quartz, News in a whole new way (Free)


Tired of getting your news through a blog or lengthy articles? Quartz aims to solve that problem by presenting top news in a conversational exchange. You will receive messages, photos, GIFs, and links, to which you can respond for more information. To keep things accurate, the news blurbs are written by humans, instead of algorithmically compiled. Keep notifications tailored to your preferences by selecting the exact type of alerts you want buzzing your devices.

Download: Vogue (Free)


If you are looking for the latest news in fashion, beauty, runway and celebrity style, Vogue for iOS has you covered. Keep up to date on homes, weddings, food, travel and entertainment as well. Each day, the app will recommend eight stories just for you. Stories may include videos and images from and Vogue Magazine. Push notifications can be enacted to receive alerts when new stories are posted that meet your interest, even save the stories for offline reading.

Download: Meditation Studio ($3.99)


The only pay-up-front app on the entire list, Meditation Studio, is not only one of Apple’s 10 Best Apps of the Year, but also one of TIME’s 50 Best Apps of the Year. The app offers a selection of more than 200 guided meditations, featuring alternating teachers and styles. The paid app offers unlimited access to curated collections for specific areas of your life. These step by step guided meditation topics include Meditation Essentials, Uncovering Happiness, and Changing Habits. The Meditation Library offers engaging, guided meditations from today’s top meditation experts.

Download: Detour (Free)


Be guided through the world’s most interesting places with a location-aware app that uses geo-location to keep the audio tour in-sync with your actual location. If you are using the app with a partner, the app will even sync between devices to ensure everyone hears the same content, at the same time. Join the locals or experts that know the location best, with guest narrators, including Ken Burns, Radiolab, Philip Petit, and more. Currently, the app offers content for San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and Marrakech.

Download: Credit Karma (Free)


Everyone needs to keep a close watch on their personal credit score. With the app, get free access to credit scores and reports via Credit Karma. According to the description, checking your own credit does not affect your score and the app does not require users to submit credit card information. The app can also send alerts when changes appear on TransUnion reports. A trademarked feature allows for transaction disputes on anything that appears on the TransUnion report. Additionally, educational tips and tools help users understand scores and reports.

Download: Warby Parker (Free)


While the glasses are not free, the Warby Parker app offers quick access to the eyewear collection that starts at $95. Shop for frames and sunglasses, including prescription lenses. You can order five frames for a free in-home trial, including free shipping to the house and back. With Apple Pay integration, purchasing your glasses is made simple with a finger print.

Download: Hyper (Free)


Hyper delivers a selection of videos to your device, based on your viewing habits and in-app history. Humans are the trick to Hyper’s collection of videos. If you are looking for “only the freshest, dopest, most informative and funniest stuff on the planet,” then you need to download Hyper. The app will deliver one hand-picked video every hour. “Like” or “dismiss,” by swiping right or left, and the app will surface different videos for different users.

Download: Tinycards (Free)


Taking the idea of study-flash-cards to a digital extreme, Tinycards helps you memorize anything while making a game of the process. From the team that produced Duolingo, Tinycards is now the most downloaded education app in the world. Using space, repetition, animated cards and other learning techniques, you will easily remember new material. Tinycards offers set decks for different topics, including country capitals, vocabulary for different languages, history, constellations, hat styles…. and on! Or, users can create their own decks.

Download: Pokémon GO (Free)


Apple’s “Breakout Hit” of the Year, Pokémon GO, brings the Pokémon universe to your iPhone. Using augmented reality, hunt Pokémon across the entire planet. Truly! From your neighborhood to national monuments, you really can catch them all. Catching, hatching, evolving, and training Pokémon has not been more accessible than with the new Pokémon GO app.

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